Trust Ennis with your brand,
your people, your legacy.

Since 1998, Ennis has added 67 brands and locations such as Kay Toledo Tag, The Flesh Co and Wright Business Graphics  preserving each location’s culture, integrity and dedication to their customers. If you are considering your future, let Ennis help plan for it. Our acquisition team will work with you to determine the best strategy and you will set the pace of the transition.

Our process:

1. Introductions and Get To Know Each Other
2. Share Initial Financials and Operational Information
3. Develop Deal Terms
4. Generate a Letter of Intent
5. Complete Due Diligence
6. Finalize Purchase Agreement & Close

Email to schedule an informal informational meeting.

Want to move a bit quicker? Call 972.775.9804 to speak with our acquisition team leader, Dan Gus, to start the process.