About Us

Ennis, Inc. (NYSE:EBF) was founded in 1909 as a single print shop operating in Ennis, TX. Since then we have grown to more than 55 locations across the US, making us a leading manufacturer and supplier of print products for the wholesale trade. For more than 110 years, Ennis has been an industry leader offering high-quality products, reliable service and innovative solutions.

Strength In Numbers

Ennis’ strength lies in our dedication to our distributor partners and our expansive network that provides them with endless possibilities. Throughout our history, we have grown to over 2,400 employees serving over 40,000 distributors worldwide. We are dedicated to offering our distributors the products and resources they need to succeed.

Our distributors benefit from a regional presence offering one-to-one service, while at the same time experiencing the advantages from the purchasing power of a large corporation. This allows each facility to react quickly to current market demands within their region as well as their printing specialty.

Our Products and Brands

The Ennis network is made up of 40 unique brands offering the widest variety of products and capabilities in the industry. The breadth of product offered allows our distributors to provide customers with items to meet almost any print need. Whether it is business forms, checks, financial documents, 4CP commercial print, envelopes or integrated products, Ennis has the products and capabilities to support your business. Our motto is: If it can be printed or printed on, Ennis has it.SM

Awards and Recognition

Ennis is a member of several industry associations and has repeatedly been named a Top Supplier by Brand Chain and one of the Best 200 Small Companies by Forbes magazine, among numerous other awards.