Board of Directors Bios

Management Directors

Keith S. Walters joined Ennis, Inc. in August 1997 as Vice President of Commercial Printing Operations, successfully anchoring Ennis’ spot in the commercial printing market. In November 1997, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His role with the Company then expanded to include the titles of Chairman of the Board and President. Since then, under Mr. Walters’ leadership, the Company has become the largest wholesale printer in the nation with one of the most robust collections of product lines in the industry. During his more than 20 years as CEO, Mr. Walters has overseen 33 acquisitions. This includes the addition of 40 brands under the Ennis umbrella, resulting in a strategic diversification of the Company beyond traditional business forms. Mr. Walters led a business forms company with $153 million in sales to a diverse, nationwide print solutions company that now grosses more than $400 million annually. Shareholder value, EPS, and the Company’s dividend have all been increased during this time frame.

Non-Employee Directors

John R. Blind, retired. Mr. Blind served as Vice President of the Printing and Carbonless Division of the Specialty Papers Business Unit of Glatfelter, a specialty paper manufacturing corporation, from 2006 to 2014. Mr. Blind held various positions with Glatfelter during his 32-year career, the last 12 of which included participation in the Senior Executive Team of the corporation, during which time the company exhibited significant growth. Mr. Blind is the chairman of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, Lead Director and a member of the Compensation and Stock Option Committee. Mr. Blind’s extensive experience in the manufacture and sale of printing, forms and specialty papers, coupled with his participation in business growth through acquisitions make him a valuable member of our Board of Directors.

Aaron Carter, Zone Director for Ross Stores, Inc. Ross Stores, Inc. (“Ross”) is the largest off-price apparel and home fashion chain in the United States. Mr. Carter has held several positions during his 14-year tenure with Ross, including Critical Field Leader, under which Mr. Carter led the operational team during Ross’s store openings in Chicago in 2011. Previously, from 1993 to 2007, Mr. Carter held several positions, including district manager from 2002 to 2007, at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the largest retailer in the world. From 2007 to 2010, Mr. Carter served at various times as a director, audit committee chairman, secretary/treasurer and member of the personnel committee at DeSoto Economic Development Corporation. From 2015 to present, Mr. Carter has served as a director for Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas. Mr. Carter graduated from the University of Dallas with a BA in Political Science, has an MBA with a concentration in leadership from Walden University, and is a trained executive/leadership/life coach. Mr. Carter’s extensive 26-year retail career within public companies in key operational positions, his board experience with for- and non-profit entities, and his expertise in succession planning and strategic/sustainability planning, makes him an excellent choice for director.

Barbara T. Clemens, retired. Ms. Clemens was Vice President of Sales & Customer Service for Boise Paper, a division of Packaging Corporation of America that is headquartered in Lake Forest, IL, from 2016 to 2019. Boise Paper manufactures a full line of office papers including copy, multipurpose, inkjet, laser and colors as well as printing and converting papers. From 2011 to 2015, Ms. Clemens served as Boise Paper’s Director, Supply Chain. Prior to that, she held numerous positions with Boise Paper including sales, manufacturing, marketing, supply chain and general management. She has served in the paper industry for over thirty years and is very familiar with the Company’s customer base and the print industry as a whole. She is familiar with printing, converting, pressure sensitive, office papers and packaging markets and market dynamics, as well as many of the Ennis locations. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and has an M.B.A. from UCLA. Ms. Clemens’ experience in the industry, combined with her familiarity with our products and customer base and her deep understanding of manufacturing fundamentals, make her an excellent choice for director.

Gary S. Mozina, Chief Executive Officer of Stevenson Holdings, Inc. Mr. Mozina is the current Chief Executive Officer of Stevenson Holdings, Inc., a holding company that also does digital printing and mailing under the d/b/a Superior Copies, and which is located in Chicago, Illinois. Previously, Mr. Mozina served as the Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Print and Graphics (“IPG”) until March 16, 2019, when the assets of IPG were acquired by the Company. He held a variety of positions during his 48-year tenure with IPG and was instrumental in developing IPG’s business prior to its acquisition by the Company. Mr. Mozina has an extensive background in manufacturing and sales and has also been responsible for the design and construction of multiple facilities used for manufacturing and warehousing. Since 2003, through his service at IPG, Mr. Mozina has overseen acquisitions of 16 sales and manufacturing organizations. The Board believes that Mr. Mozina, with over four decades of experience in the print industry, has the knowledge and experience that will make him a valuable member of the Board.

Troy L. Priddy, President of Troy Priddy Custom Homes, based in Midlothian, Texas. Mr. Priddy builds custom homes all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Since 1983, Mr. Priddy has been successful in the home building industry, which has its peaks and valleys through every boom and recession which has occurred over the past 30 years in Texas. During 34 years of building, he has served two terms as President of the Greater Southwest Homebuilders Association and was on the Board of Directors for the Dallas Homebuilders Association and the Certified Master Builders of Tarrant County. As President and a board member of these two well-known industry organizations, he developed relationships with the Dallas and Tarrant County municipal agencies as well as the mayors, city councilmen, and various city and county officials in Ellis County. Mr. Priddy was also a member of the Midlothian Economic Development Advisory Board which allowed him to establish close working relationships with local governmental officials in the city where the Company is headquartered. During his business career he developed extensive experience in real estate financings, engineering and directing subcontractors through numerous locations to produce custom homes in a timely and efficient manner. As such he worked with an extensive network of local governmental officials to obtain permits and approvals in the process of building and selling homes in the geographic governmental officials to obtain permits and approvals in the process of building and selling homes in the geographic area. As with Ennis, a company with deep roots in the Ellis County area of Texas, Mr. Priddy is well known throughout the DFW Metroplex for the quality and integrity he exhibits in his business dealings.

Alejandro Quiroz, entrepreneur. Mr. Quiroz is involved in investments in printing and commercial real estate companies in both the United States and Mexico. Mr. Quiroz, currently a resident of the United States, has been a founder and shareholder of, and an advisor to, different print companies for more than thirty years. He was crucial in putting together a group of investors to form the Leader Graphic Arts Group in Mexico. Mr. Quiroz has also been involved in the commercial real estate market in the United States as an investor in different partnerships. Mr. Quiroz is the Chairman of the Compensation Committee. He was a founders and Chairman of the Mexican Franchise Association in Mexico and was a founder and Chairman of the Mexican Entrepreneurs Association (AEM) in the United States. He has participated as an independent director of Medica Sur in Mexico since 2015. Medica Sur is a public company that, since 2013, is the first hospital and health services supplier abroad the United States to be part of the Mayo Clinic network. Mr. Quiroz’s extensive experience in running businesses in both the United States and Mexico provides him with a strong insight into cross border, legal and cultural challenges facing United States companies doing business in Mexico, and vice-versa. His skills and expertise make him an appropriate and valuable member of our Board and Chairman of our Compensation Committee.

Michael J. Schaefer, retired. Former Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Methodist Health System, Dallas, TX (“Methodist”). Methodist owns and operates acute care hospitals and associated services in the Dallas metropolitan area. Mr. Schaefer served as CFO with Methodist since 1982 until his retirement December, 2018. He joined Methodist in 1979. Prior to Methodist, Mr. Schaefer was an audit supervisor with the public accounting firm of Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young), where he worked from 1972 to 1979. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Mr. Schaefer is a Board member of the Senior Source, a not-for-profit organization serving senior citizens in the Greater Dallas area. Mr. Schaefer’s extensive experience as a chief financial officer, and his public company audit experience with Ernst & Young, provide him with a strong insight, particularly with regard to accounting, corporate finance, internal/financial control environments and financial and system risks matters, which makes him an appropriate and valuable member of our Board and Chairman of our Audit Committee.

Margaret Walters, retired. Mrs. Walters has had an important, though informal, role with the Company since her husband, Keith Walters, was appointed as CEO in 1997. As a trained educator with expertise in curriculum development, Mrs. Walters was instrumental in helping craft the standard cost training curriculum and tools that are used in the acquisition and integration of new manufacturing plants and the training of plant managers, which has been a significant contribution to the Company’s ability to consistently maintain its healthy operating margins. For nearly 25 years, Mrs. Walters has helped cultivate important relationships with suppliers, distributors, and other printing companies through her regular attendance at industry events and trade shows. Through the relationships she has established over the years, Mrs. Walters has played an integral role in completing some of the Company’s most important acquisitions. Given her substantial understanding of the Company’s culture and operating practices as well as the goodwill she has developed with many in the printing industry, was appointed to the board in September 2021 to fill a vacancy created by a retiring board member.