EOS Touchpoint™ is an eCommerce application that helps you offer more value to your customer, develop new profitable revenue streams and secure long term print contracts with customers. EOS Touchpoint is an ideal solution for organizations with multiple locations, a wide range of materials, demanding marketing departments and more.

Using EOS Touchpoint, you can offer a web-to-print site with the look and functionality that best meets the needs of your customer. Whether you need a document management portal for a corporate customer or a marketing portal offering document customization for a franchisor, this platform can meet your needs.

With EOS Touchpoint, you can take advantage of an online template-based system that benefits your customers through the power of personalization while maintaining brand, design, and production requirements. Winning new business through highly efficient web-to-print portals can be your key to success by securing customer loyalty and capturing increased revenues.

Some of the most common user features include:

  • Variable print
  • Data list acquisition and data merge for direct mail
  • Site skinning and localization
  • PDF preview for online approval
  • Email order notification
  • Support for eCommerce and third-party shipping providers, such as UPS
  • User profile and library for images, PDFs and data lists
  • Document templates to ensure that all fonts, colors, logos and placement is consistent with brand specifications
  • Intuitive check out and shopping cart
  • Approval workflow
  • Web-based online ordering