March 23, 2020

RE: COVID-19 Impact Update

Ennis is following the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) closely as it affects our daily lives. The health and safety of our families, employees, and customers are of the utmost importance. Each of our manufacturing locations have supplied guidance to our employees concerning COVID-19 symptoms and a process to inform and react if there are any concerns with their health. Per CDC guidelines we’ve implemented sanitation stations throughout the facilities and offices to promote proper cleaning and disinfecting to limit any potential exposures.

Currently, all Ennis manufacturing facilities are operating on a normal schedule. As state and local governments implement rules concerning business operations each of these must be reviewed and answered appropriately. At this time, Ennis and all subsidiaries are operating under the plan that we are supporting those businesses that have been determined to be essential under the CISA (Critical Infrastructure Sectors). Many of the products we produce on a daily basis are mission critical to those sectors. If you have an order that is considered mission critical for one of these sectors, please inform us so we can do our best to expedite its production.

Each of our manufacturing facilities have disaster recovery plans (DR) in place. Each of these locations have one or more facilities that have been designated as their DR backup. Ennis’ coast to coast footprint combined with duplication of capabilities across multiple locations better positions Ennis to service our customers’ needs even if their primary location becomes unavailable.

We are currently operating on a normal schedule, but if anything changes at any of our locations we will update our COVID-19 response section of

Please be safe and take the proper precautions as you proceed through these unknown times. We appreciate your support and we are doing everything we can to keep servicing you and your customers’ needs.